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EML – Phenolic Back & Peel-n-Stick

Exact Match Laminates

Suppliers of Phenolic Back & Peel-n-Stick Laminates

What is Exact Match Laminate? SSI offers its customers a laminate sheet made of 3DL in either a phenolic back or 3M Peel and Stick backer format. These laminate sheets are primarily designed for refacing and refurbishing cabinetry and casework. Where 3DL components such as doors and drawers are used in refacing programs SSI can create Exact Match Laminate (EML) sheets that can be used for matching end panels, face frames and toe kicks perfectly with no more “close enough” results. These decorative laminate sheets have the added advantage of the superior performance of the 3DL surface. Other uses for EML include creating matching HPL style laminate sheets for cabinet manufacture when HPL is not available from other sources, refinishing wall panels and reception desk fronts, elevator interiors and more.

Phenolic backed EML is handled and installed using traditional HPL methods and adhesives. Peel and Stick backed EML is essentially a decorative self-adhesive film for furniture and cabinetry, requires no additional adhesive and can be cut with a craft knife. Both versions of EML can be machined using normal woodworking equipment.

Refacing cabinets is something that both property management companies and residential homeowners do alike. Cabinet refacing is a cost-efficient way to update kitchens and bathrooms without an entire makeover. The boxes remain in place while the cabinet doors and drawer fronts are changed out for new components and the exterior of the boxes and face frames are veneered or covered with matching material.

For homeowners most cabinet refacing projects include replacing the cabinet doors. New doors can quickly and easily change the look and feel of kitchens and bathrooms with minimal disruption, and 3DL doors are an attractive cost-effective option. Panel ends and face frames also need to receive a matching finish and using SSIs EML creates a seamless combination and a high-end result.

Best Adhesive Peel & Stick Laminates 

Kitchen DrawsFor property managers refacing cabinets with 3D laminate is one of the most efficient ways to increase net operating income and property value. 3D laminate is ideal for cabinet refacing because of its durability, cost effectiveness and design versatility. By reusing the existing cabinet boxes in each unit while simply adding new cabinet doors and finishing ends and toe kicks with EML surfaces, updated refreshed spaces that are loaded with tenant appeal can readily be achieved. Properties are easily and speedily updated – everything from kitchens & bathrooms, closets and common areas.

For the Hospitality and Healthcare industries refacing is a fast and economical way to update guest rooms, lobbies, elevators and more. Simply recover worn or outdated surfaces with stylish EML laminate sheets to produce a high performance, easily cleanable surface transformed with desirable colors, textures and patterns.

While the Exact Match Laminate standard sheet size is 49” x 97”, Peel and Stick EML can be manufactured in longer custom length.

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