SSI North America is excited to introduce ReCover, our new range of recycled PET film suitable for membrane pressing and flat lamination. ReCover is made from recycled post-consumer PET bottle waste – through a process of selection, purification, crushing and extrusion our manufacturer is able to create a recycled film with exceptional quality and consistency. Everyone can agree that lengthening the life-cycle of a product is a good thing for us all and turning a waste item into a resource helps conserve natural resources and reduces the energy required to extract and process raw materials. Being able to offer ReCover to our customers is an important step in creating added value and accessing market opportunities, reflecting consumer interest and eco-friendly sustainable building practices. ReCover is available in solid colors, with either a Satin or High Gloss finish, but with the same intrinsic performance qualities and workability of a regularly sourced quality film. ReCover is an innovative and creative addition for every program. ReCover is a solid color decorative film whose main raw material is mechanically recycled PET bottle waste. It does not generate toxic gas when incinerated. It has one of the lowest combustion temperatures among all plastics and thus minimizes damage to incinerator furnaces. Formaldehyde, toluene and xylene are not used in production processing.