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Alpha-Tape® Edgebanding

SSI is proud to partner with MKT GmbH, Ohrdruf, Germany and bring high quality edgebanding ALPHA-TAPE®ABS, ALPHA-TAPE® PP ZERO, and ALPHA-TAPE® METALLICA –to the North American wood based panel market.  For over 25 years MKT GmbH has focused on one thing –“We make edgebanding”.  MKT manufactures in broad sheets by using a unique production technology, the calandering method. The results are wide jumbo rolls, which are precisely cut to size into ALPHA-TAPE® edge bandings, ensuring a consistent color and surface from roll to roll. With modern extrusion and production lines, and high quality raw materials, edgebanding from MKT GmbH is guaranteed to perform ideally on all edgebanding machines used for panel processing.  Customers can select ALPHA-TAPE®ABS and ALPHA-TAPE® METALLICA for processing with conventional hot-melt technology, and ALPHA-TAPE® ZERO PP for laser-edging, Hot-Air, and Near-Infrared-processing. With a portfolio of solid colors in Excellent Gloss (mirror finish) to Ultra-Matte, to the latest international décor trends, MKT GmbH is fully capable of supporting all your edging needs in multiple widths, thicknesses, and surface finishes.

Our ongoing and constantly evolving North American Stock Program allows fabricators to purchase as little as one roll of edgebanding for their project, and in most cases enjoy shipping the same day.  We can also offer custom productions with quick turnaround from color matching your sample, to actual physical production.  And with a library of over 2500 solid color matches and 7500 decors we are well positioned to handle any special requests.  Contact SSI or your  representative for more details.

Alpha-Tape® PP Zero

PP Zero features a proprietary, extremely hard, co-extruded functional layer (also based on PP) that replaces conventional adhesives in the edge banding application. When this special functional layer is activated by hot air, laser, or NIR, a durable and glueless bond is formed to the substrate material.  Because the color of the functional layer is perfectly matched to the edgeband surface color, the end result is a seamless, glueless, and invisible transition from the edge of the panel to the surface of the panel, a zero edge.

 The resulting lack of a glue line means increased performance in the glue joint:

  • There is less collecting of dirt and bacteria in the glue joint over time.
  • There is markedly diminished ageing, or yellowing of the glue joint over time.
  • There is less chipping out of the edge over time due to the extreme bonding of the functional layer.
  • Having no glue line means no glue smear on the edge, resulting in minimal post production cleanup of panels, saving time and money.

Alpha-Tape® ABS

For fifty years ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) has been used to produce edgebanding for decorative and functional use in the global wood-based panel market. This high quality thermoplastic offers many outstanding attributes – enhanced impact resistance, thermal and dimensional stability, homogenous color, surface printability, and can be incinerated as part of a scrap recovery system. The specific construction of ABS is ideal for the production and post-processing of edgebanding (trim, scrape, mill, polish, etc.).  ALPHA-TAPE® ABS from MKT, coated on the backside with a universal primer, can be processed using any of the current adhesives based on EVA, PUR, and APAO, thus allowing it to run on all conventional edgeband equipment.

Alpha-Tape® Metallica

Alpha-Tape® Metallica uses a thin layer of metal foil laminated to a thermoplastic edge band with the look and feel of real metal, without the processing challenges of a true metal edge band. Metal brings a warmth and texture to almost any environment while offering a stunning visual contrast to other surface materials, like wood, textured TFL, matt, and high gloss finishes. Whether its smooth aluminum, or brushed stainless steel, these silvery metal finishes add high sparkle, shine, and perceived value, complementing a multitude of interior residential and commercial products.

 Alpha-Tape® PP Zero Edgebanding is the innovative edgebanding manufactured by MKT that can be processed using all of the latest zero-joint technologies.

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