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Designers are always searching for trendsetting options that can be used in horizontal applications. The challenge is in finding surfaces that have both aesthetic appeal and durable performance, particularly for the Healthcare and Hospitality industries. A little known secret is that many of our stocked 3DL designs are double agents – they can be used in both vertical and horizontal surfacing applications.  To assist designers and specifiers in finding the right solutions for these working surfaces, SSI is happy to discuss the properties of each design individually and help assess its suitability for any particular application. We curate our stocked North American 3DL selection based on multiple factors – of course the latest surface trends, but very importantly the requirement for stain resistance, wear resistance, bacterial resistance and ease of cleaning, along with the environmentally and ergonomically friendly options that 3DL affords us.

SSI’s Pentadecor 3D Laminate is the right choice for a multitude of contact spaces – medical waiting rooms, transaction counters, reception desks, meeting areas, mixed-use settings, conference rooms, hospital trays, cafeteria surfaces, desktops, tabletops, closet spaces … the list goes on. SSI’s 3DL pressed seamless faces gracefully accept the frequent cleaning with harsh chemicals required in many applications, and do not suffer the indignity of delaminating and dirty edgebanding failures. The soft edges that can be created with 3DL components are also far more resistant to impact damage than standard parts, and leave designers’ options open for more user friendly creations. SSI’s laminate designs are water resistant, non-porous and inert, allowing contoured shapes to be created that are spill-proof – a huge plus when dealing with medical and dental applications.

The unique specification options and rugged performance of the 3D laminate collection make it a versatile addition to any designer’s ’“box of magic tricks”, and we are excited to see how your selection is put to work. Please contact your sales team for an in depth exploration of the properties of each design.

Market applications

Properties and applications

Here is a quick checklist of properties and applications to consider and discuss when selecting a 3D Laminate for your project:

What is the application? How is the material going to be used?

What is the expectation of performance by the end user?

What is the frequency of use – for example is it a heavy transactional space or a shelf in a clothing store?

What specifications are being asked for by the customer?