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SSI North America offers a range of unique decorative surfaces that can elevate commercial projects. We seek out artistic design-forward surfaces that cover a wide selection of materials, trends and price points. Inspiration comes from everywhere and exciting innovation comes from combining our products in new and distinct ways while still retaining elements that users can relate to. 

In reality “the office space” has broken out of the boring cubicle and is now an integral part of our “Fusion” lifestyle. Hospitality materials and concepts are being integrated into office spaces, break rooms, call centers and reception areas to name a few.

3D laminates provide exceptional design flexibility for producing customized 3D wall panel or room divider features such as organic or geometric patterns as well as modular tile installations and direct 3D wall laminate application. The ability to create compound curves, grommet holes, spill containment and contoured edge treatments that are ergonomically friendly make 3D laminates a great choice for desktops and conference room tabletops. This is in addition to its more common application in kitchen cabinet doors and drawers, break room spaces and reception areas. Designers also love to specify ReCover – our 3DL from recycled PET content – for projects in this market too.

The stain, impact and water resistance of 3D laminates, and especially their resiliency under heavy disinfectant cleaning, make them the perfect choice for a variety of commercial furniture applications. (More information on EPA Coronavirus Approved Disinfectants suitable for use with Pentadecor 3D can be found here

Beautiful High Gloss and TruMatte Stylelite solid color acrylic laminates offer an incredible, high-end, ripple free finish and can be used either solo or in stunning combinations with the Décor Fusion acrylic designs including marbles, woodgrains and metallics. These Stylelite Décor Fusion designs are perfect for upscale common areas and creating exclusive commercial environments.

The elegant High Gloss or TruMatte finish is ideal for commercial projects and the superior workability including the ability to bend to create seamless edges and tight curves allows exceptional creative outcomes. StyleLite acrylic laminate sheets are also thermoformable and miter-foldable. StyleLite acrylic laminate leads the way providing designers and building owners with not only elegant but practical cabinetry, furniture, and wall panels. Stylelite acrylics are perfect for upscale common areas which are becoming more and more important in office space selection criteria.

Always with the environment in mind SSI carries a range of PET laminate films that are manufactured from recyclable PET called Radiance. This product is used by many board manufacturers to create beautiful high gloss and super matte solid and woodgrain board options that are available at an attractive price point. Along with the special SSR (Super Scratch Resistant) surface Radiance overdelivers on look and performance for the commercial and office industry. 

SSI’s Pentadecor 2D laminate Super Matte comes with an industry leading UV Cured top coat that affords superior fingerprint and scratch resistance. Like Radiance, this laminate foil is used by many board manufacturers to create more regionally produced products for commercial environments, adding environmental credits to the on-trend color selection and gorgeous surface finish with a performance that meets the rigorous requirements of the “Fusion” markets.

Consider our network of industry professionals and our knowledge base at your disposal when questions arise about the right laminate for the right application, and we have an accredited CEU that discusses specifying for the hospitality industry.