Edgebanding – For Designers

ALPHA-TAPE® Edgebanding For Designers

Selecting the right materials is essential to the success of any job.  Alpha-Tape® ABS and Alpha-Tape® PP Zero edgebanding from SSI are the perfect complement to complete your laminate panel project.  Produced from the highest quality, thermoplastic polymers, and available in the latest finishes, textures, and printed designs, Alpha-Tape® edgebanding adds value packaged in an environmentally friendly solution.

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Alpha-Tape® PP Zero Edgebanding

  • Based on environmentally friendly polypropylene (PP)
  • Glueless –  a proprietary, extremely hard, co-extruded functional layer (also based on PP) replaces conventional adhesives in the edge banding application.
  • The resulting lack of a glue line means increased performance in the glue joint – less collecting of dirt and bacteria in the glue joint, diminished ageing of the glue joint, less chipping over time, no glue line means minimal post production clean-up
  • Seamless – Because the color of the functional layer is perfectly matched to the edgeband surface color,  the end result is an invisible transition from the edge of the panel to the surface of the panel, a zero edge.
  • A zero edge creates a striking, high quality, visually appealing edge that mimics a solid panel.

Alpha-Tape® ABS Edgebanding

  • Environmentally friendly (no chlorine)
  • Enhanced Impact resistance
  • Thermal and dimensional stability
  • Homogenous color
  • Universal primer allows compatibility with all current edgebanding adhesives

SSI stocks a variety of 1mm edge banding products from MKT to complement the StyleLite high gloss acrylic finished laminate.

The solid color ABS Alpha-Tape® Excellent Gloss edge banding is finished with a specially formulated lacquer to achieve a spectacular gloss similar to glass. A peel coat is applied to the surface ensuring that the finished panel will be protected through transport and installation.

The 3D edge banding from Döllken consists of two colors running in parallel under a high gloss clear acrylic. Applying the 3D edge banding to a high gloss board laminated with StyleLite achieves an amazing 3 dimensional effect giving the high gloss surface a thick, substantial and high value appearance.