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Coronavirus EPA Approved Disinfectants

Coronavirus EPA Approved Disinfectants

We hope you are staying safe and healthy through these unusual times. To help address any concerns or questions you (or your customers) might have about which cleaners are suitable for use on SSI’s 3DL products, we have created the following, including an approved list.

Coronavirus Resistant Surfaces

This document is designed to address any questions regarding which cleaners are suitable for use on SSI’s 3DL products, especially relating to EPA Coronavirus Approved Disinfectants.

Pentadecor 3D laminates are designed to be membrane pressed or vacuum formed to contoured shapes and surface profiles. The 3D forming process eliminates the need for edgebanding and visible seams, allowing for the design and manufacture of components that are easy to clean, disinfect and maintain.

Specifically, Pentadecor 3D laminate surfaces with Basic Line (BL) finish are naturally hydrophobic thus easy to clean and are constructed to withstand the effects of multiple cleaners and disinfectants approved by the EPA for use in COVID-19* (Coronavirus) infection control – list below.

easy to clean surfaces

Easy To Clean Laminates

The SSI 3DL BL finish was tested for compatibility with many of the products on the EPA’s Coronavirus Approved Disinfectants list using the NEMA test method LD3 Section 3.4. The surface finish shows no color change or surface damage when using this standard. Regarding the Coronavirus Approved Disinfectants that have not been physically tested, we have identified the active ingredients and compared them to the groups of reagents that have been shown to have zero effect. We have used this determination to identify many other EPA COVID-19* approved cleaners and disinfectants that can be used, and which have no surface effect on the easily cleanable Pentadecor 3DL.

As with all cleaning products, special care should be taken to follow the directions and it is recommended to always test a small area before general application.

*The list of disinfectants, active ingredients, product and company names (and other information related to the reagents) are taken directly from the EPA List N Disinfectant – updated April 30th, 2020.

Contact us with any questions you may have.