High Gloss Acrylic For Designers


High Gloss finishes can be incorporated into many design environments but using them in context is important. Glamorous high gloss looks are often used in kitchen and bath cabinetry, living room finishes or to accentuate wainscoting (as a wall paneling) with the objective of making a statement – whether the style is traditional, transitional or modern. High Gloss sheets are also heavily specified by designers for commercial interiors such as Offices, Retail Fixtures, Hospitality and Healthcare applications.

Technically the “Gloss Level” is measured by capturing how much light is reflected back from a surface at an angle of 60 degrees. The best gloss level for a decorative surface is determined to be 90 and over on a scale of 1-100. Acrylic laminates are normally the highest quality high gloss finishes on the market, offering cabinet manufacturers, home organization, store fixtures and commercial millwork manufacturers the ability to work with an unparalleled surface gloss quality – free from ripples and distortion.

To achieve this top level of reflectivity and high-end look, the lamination and finishing process is important. Typically, the high gloss acrylic sheet is laminated onto a quality MDF substrate (of varying thicknesses) with PUR lamination (or flat lamination using more traditional adhesives). When component pieces are created – say doors and drawer fronts – the best result is gained by using specialized matching edge banding materials which parallel the level and appearance of the high gloss acrylic finish. This combination creates the seamless monolithic look that consumers are attracted to and is an important part to consider when specifying the acrylic laminate.

While we often think of high gloss laminates being used in ultra-modern bright colors, or minimalist white gloss (think Apple stores), nowadays acrylic laminates are available in a much broader range which includes pearlescent metallics, vintage metallics (that look like silvered mirror finishes), marbles and high gloss woodgrains that emulate the finest lacquered finishes. Designers can now specify from an extensive selection of acrylic laminates that are applicable for all the latest trends.

Adding a high gloss finish to a metallic base for example can amplify the light, creating a romantic shimmering vintage feel. A monochromatic color palette using the contrast of high gloss laminate and matte finishes creates a sophisticated transitional interior especially when further accented by additional richly textured soft furnishings. Mixing natural woodgrains with high gloss solid color cabinetry offers a European contemporary flair to any space. Bright acrylic high gloss finishes shine in uses as diverse as Industrial Loft cabinetry, car showrooms, RVs, bar backsplashes and fabulous closets.

Interior designs created with high gloss finishes can really stand out, and this specific finish really makes a statement. Often calling for all-white gloss laminate cabinetry can create a more expansive feel to the space and the reflection of light helps to brighten the room – adding a sleek Euro style of cabinetry (perhaps with integrated pulls) also helps to develop the sense of space. Equally using the latest on-trend high gloss black can have a similar impact, producing a sophisticated neutral backdrop.

High Gloss acrylic laminate sheets are perfect for many decorative vertical surface applications offering the design industry a contemporary and highly flexible ultra-gloss solid, woodgrain and metallic solution that is the ultimate in modern luxury. 

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