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New Jersey’s Most Prevailing Laminate Supplier

SSI North America is a brand name in the laminate supplying industry which has just completed 15 years in busienss. Ever since its commencement, the company is scattering its business around NA. The headquaurters of the company is located in the state of New Jersey.
Being an exclusive Laminate sheet supplier in New Jersey, we offer the uncompromising quality of carefully selected premium sheets. From the start to the end of the entire process, we incorporate the finest resources in our products.
We build an alliance with the manufactuer and its user.


Laminate Sheets

SSI NA brings you unexpected beauty by offering an excellent class of Laminate sheets.
Professionals such as architects, builders, interior designers and end consumers of New Jersey rely on us to immerse their decor ideas with elegance and character.
Because of our plausible relations with our clients, we are their first priority among the Laminate Sheets Suppliers of the complete New Jersey.
SSI NA believes in novelty, thus it does not dwells on supplying old design sheets but keeps on bringing creative ideas and newer designs of Laminate Sheets.


Along with laminate sheets, we also supply high-class stylelite for vertical panels. These stylelites are the best way to increase the value of home, office and gives wings to your workplace and home place.
Stylelites can increase your living in varieties of ways like in-store display, overhead cabinets,feature panels,siding doors, and wardrobes, etc.

Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic sheets are the best way to flaunt your affluence. Acrylic sheets add the flavor of richness at your place. It acts as the perfume of luxury.
SSI supplies the finest qualities Acrylic sheets at cheap prices, New Jersian’s enjoy this cheap and best deal at there every constructional task.

Alpha Tapes

Along with sheets we also supply adhesive alpha tapes. We provide tapes similar to laminate sheets for edge covering or to cover any scratch in the sheet.

So, if you are planning to décor up your home in an elegant way then immediately contact SSI NA.