Our lives are characterized by fundamental societal influences that are apparent but also unnoticed – incrementally affecting the way we live. These Mega Trends are over-arching universal movements – epochal and global – encompassing all demographics, and are several decades in perspective thus differentiating themselves from shorter term trends and fashion. However, the personalities and requirements of each demographic group is an influencing factor in the way each Mega Trend is fully expressed.

In addition there is an overriding movement which is best described as FUSION. We are learning to take the best and most successful designs from multiple industries and fuse these elements together to create functionally overlapping spaces while synthesizing new experiences. We are living in a Venn diagram where our Work, Live and Play lives are intersecting (fueled by technology), and in this new decade it is exciting to trace the evolving outcomes.

While we can still see the shorter term trends in this Look Book, the fluidity of our society is encouraging a more individual expression of how we choose to live. We have identified 4 main Mega Trends and will explore how they are being interpreted by several important market sectors – Residential, Multifamily, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail and Commercial – in this piece.