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New Color Description

New Color Description


Dust Grey Super Matte is a medium cool grey which is often called the Goldilocks of greys – not too brown, not too blue, not too dark, not too light. It creates a chic statement of visual interest without sacrificing a clean look than can be utilized in either vintage or modern designs. Dust Grey is a fuller darker neutral that leaves room for a myriad of accents and its Goldilocks quality lends a luxe vibe to spaces.

Color Code 75/5802
Matching TFL Egger U732 PSM

Pure White

Pure White Super Matte is the most neutral white, inherently sophisticated yet calming and fresh. It offers subtle nuances of whites which suit tranquil and serene environments, and it creates a comforting restorative retreat which makes it a key player in the Wellness macro trend. Pure White emphasizes space, balance and peace and appeals to our increasing desire to disconnect from our “smart lives” and engage with nature.

Color Code 03/1030
Matching TFL Egger 1100 PSM

First Light Super Matte is a refreshing pale pink with a slight blue grey undertone, which makes this subtle pink color almost a neutral. First Light is a maturation of the ubiquitous “Millennial Pink”, and as such can be used to create evolved grown up spaces. First Light’s flattering, soft but not sweet coloration brings a revitalizing energy and it’s delicate shade is seen as a fleeting shimmer in natural accents making it a perfect biophilic anchor.

Color Code 35/9001

First Light

Fjord Green Super Matte is a soft approachable light green with a grey-blue base. This tonal green is inspired by nature and its use encourages centering, breathing and reconnecting. Fjord Green is especially appropriate for Healthcare applications as designers look to embrace the increase of biophilic elements in clinical environments. This coloration reflects Nordic inspiration, and adds depth to more minimalist schemes as well as offering an organic backdrop to almost every woodgrain combination.

Color Code 65/6400
Matching TFL Egger U636 PSM

Fjord Green
Stone Grey

Stone Grey Super Matte is a warmer grey with an earthy undertone. It’s organic natural coloration was created to complement both refined and rustic woodgrains, and it becomes a soothing yet sophisticated design partner. Used as the primary coloration, Stone Grey’s grounding influence reminds us to be nurturing, mindful and sustaining.

Color Code 75/6402
Matching TFL Egger U727 PSM

Light Grey

Light Grey Super Matte is an effortless, elegant pale grey with a cool base. It is a perfect canvas for blue and green accents, and it can help tame the unwanted warmth of some wood tones. It is a nuanced neutral, that lends itself to mindfulness and harmony but it is a stunning foil for richer palettes too. It is understated yet glamorous, soft yet sophisticated and is a great alternative to white.

Color Code 75/8102
Matching TFL Egger U708 PSM

Graphite Super Matte is a warm nuanced dark grey and is part of the trend to use darker solid colors as sophisticated neutrals. This saturated hue has a natural elemental quality providing grounding and a great foil for colorful accents or graphic juxtapositions. Graphite’s versatility can lend itself for use in both moody schemes with rich highlights and modern looks with crisp contrasts.

Color Code 75/3400
Matching TFL Egger U961 PSM


Cashmere Super Matte is a light warm versatile grey with a nod to an earthy undertone. Cashmere is a star when used in combination with modern woodgrains or other solid pairings. This is a timeless elegant classic color, evoking soft luxurious finishes and the SSI Super Matte surface delivers on the haptic expectation.

Color Code 75/7608
Matching TFL Egger U702 PSM

Nordic White

Nordic White Super Matte is a bright and fresh take on a classic white. It is light and luminous with a slight touch of warmth – not too stark – making it a perfect selection for combination with more subtle colorations of solids and woodgrains alike. It remains crisp and clean while being inviting and engaging.

Color Code 04/1420
Matching TFL Arauco W300