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StyleLite Mirror is a pristinely flat laminate sheet with perfect reflective properties. Visually stunning, it is ideally suited for almost any high-profile area in commercial or residential, indoor environments; closet doors, retail store fixtures, wall panels for gyms, swimming complexes to name a few. StyleLite Mirror is the perfect alternative to glass mirror applications and is becoming the preferred choice for designers, fabricators and property owners for the following reasons: 

  • Easy to work with. Sheets can be cut, drilled and planed with standard woodworking tools, on the job site or in the shop 
  • StyleLite Mirror is heat bendable to produce beautiful seamless edges
  • The surface is easy to clean using standard glass and polymer cleaners such as Windex & VuPlex
  • Light to moderate scratches can be buffed out
  • StyleLite Mirror is very safe as it will not shatter
  • The lightweight characteristic of Mirror reduces installation manpower and time