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Market Applications

There are so many aspects to consider when reviewing surfacing materials and as you can tell, our portfolio contains a wide range of decorative laminate products. These have been curated to offer elegant design solutions that embody the qualities of form and function, along with performance and price options at multiple levels.

Decorative surfaces can fundamentally change the users’ experience of a space. Selecting the correct application for a product – including such diverse metrics as tactile interpretation, light reflectivity, cleanability and durability – can create a user experience which can subconsciously either enhance things like mood and decrease stress, or create an unsettled discordant feeling. Imagine the experiential difference these selections have been shown to create – enjoying a restful stay in a hotel room, faster healing in a hospital suite or improved learning rates in an educational setting as examples. Being cognizant and creative in surface selections can add intrinsic value to designed projects, and if these materials have been correctly specified they can also exceed performance expectations.

In addition to SSI offering a great range of solutions, we also offer educational material and technical support. Most all the items included in our programs are stocked in North America. We have a flexible approach with ready inventory availability in very accessible quantities, allowing these materials to be specified into any size of job or program.